*two-person exhibition with Zach Reini

The stability of our civilization seems increasingly at risk for a myriad of complex reasons. As a result of the world’s uncertainty, ideologies like nationalism, fascism, and white supremacy are finding an audience again. The culture wars these ideologies have spawned seems to accelerate the destabilization of civil society, potentially changing the world as we know it. These factors make me think of the mortality of our culture, the objects that describe it and what that might represent to the “world-without-us -D

Reality (our small slice of heaven in the Eternal Pie) in contemporary society exists in a space where a series of “nows,” which manifest themselves within cultural artifacts, are continually remixed to cater best towards what’s in vogue, the market, or an attempt to be one step ahead of trends. The concept of something being timeless, falls into this space as well. It is merely a reflection on one shard of the mirror. It’s a fluid notion who’s longevity is constantly altered by cultural, social, and political advancements.  -Z

Forever is never enough Exhibition photos